About the Project

Hindsight: What We Learn When We Look Back

Hindsight is an ongoing and curated collection of career wisdom provided by experienced professionals across creative fields, with an emphasis on advertising, design, media, public relations, publishing and production. For folks entering the industries, seeking to move up, or starting their own business, these stories are wisdom and advice not available anywhere else. The material includes what we wish we had known about a job, managing career choices, navigating organizations, hiring and working with other people, as well as memories of mentors who indelibly shaped the people we’ve all become.

Hindsight Career Project was founded by creative director Mat Zucker, video content and experience producer Andrea Leminske and director David Gaddie of The Colony.

Special thanks :

ADC Executive Director: Ignacio Oreamuno
Director: Conor Shillen, Art Directors Club. Conor’s first job was dishwashing at a local restaurant.
Video Editor: David Shuff. David’s first job was as an interactive production artist at R/Greenburg Associates (now R/GA).
Logo/Identity: Jared Weinstein, Creative Director and CEO, Known Merchant. Jared’s first job was building bicycles out of the box for $2.00 a bike.
Visual/Web Design:Visakh Menon. Visakh’s very first job was as a cartoonist for a teen magazine.

Additional thanks for launch:

Production Company: The Colony, NY
Director of Photography: Micah Ross
Music: Nylon Studios
Post Production: Afterparty
Color Correction: Jordan Lister
Online Edit: Nick Crist
Public Relations: Eric Eddy, double E communications
Production Intern: Lacy Triplett
Counsel + Encouragement: Bryan Fuhr (@bryanfuhr)
Content Advisor: Ron Bel Bruno, Content Mosaic

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Hindsight was first shot on the RED Epic at Bravo Studios in New York City in May 2012. For two years, it was presented by the Art Directors Club. Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook.